Role of internet in today's life

Internet means connections between the nodes over the networks. its done through the WWW( world wide web) and protocol which use in the address bar of the Browsers. internet is a very important part in our life. Internet can be use in the computer, phone or any other suitable device. In the today's generation it provide a very useful way to connect to the people via social networking sites like facebook , twitter, yahoo etc.

Internet uses in e-marketing it widely use in internet marketing with the uses of some websites like internet give a advance feature of purchase something over the internet with use of the online Shopping. online shopping a feature of internet where user can buy product with of the credit card or any useful way to transaction over the internet.

Today's generation very dependent on the internet because its provide the knowledge to get something also use in the study. there are lots of website which give the knowledge about your particular topics. these the way to find something about almost anything with the use of some search engine or websites.

Internet has a wide role in the e-commerce. e-commerce means electronic commerce. e-commerce has the process of like customer to customer, business to customer and business to customer. e-commerce is a process of buy product over the use of internet. so that's way its also provide a very important feature in today's world.

Banking world also growth with use of internet. internet provide the way of transaction over the network. e-Banking is a great feature of the Banking sector. A user easily make transaction in his account form anywhere using the any computer which has connected via a internet. ATM also have the connection of the internet. Users easily buy or sell something over the internet with the use of their E-Banking.
suppose you want to buy the any product and want to give money of the product with the use of the e-banking here almost every website have a feature of the online transaction. so you can easily choose your option and give the payment. the e-banking have a secure payment gateway. in this payment gateway user name and pin number or password are vary sensitive and not to disclose any body. user name password validity date of your password and a number which is mention on your card, use these information and make your payment. there are lots of way to give payment on the E-Banking.

Internet provide the feature of Advertising to any product or company. this advertising are give the way to make popular the product to the people. many companies give their advertise on the lots of websites. these advertise are show on the social networking sites, media sites, job portal sites.

Blog, also a feature of the give information about the particular product, things, method, lifestyle etc. there are lots of famous blogs. these blogs updated according to time. in the blogs you can comment of your thinking about the particular things. Google search engine provide a way to find out almost anything like website, images, videos, songs or etc. the most famous search engine is

Our Today's life are very easy to use internet because it provide the useful feature to make a easy life. There is lots of advantage of the internet. Internet use in the banking sector, corporate sector etc. In almost any field internet play his role very smoothly. internet are widely use by the young generation because they can communicate with friends via social networking sites.
In the social networking sites a user can chat with his friend and also give the updates share photos, videos etc. So, these are some example of the Role of internet in today's life.
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